January 27, 2015


Parent Compact

Parents of incoming BIG students, please review, download, and sign the below Parent Compact.

Download (PDF, 245KB)

Parent Orientation Aug. 15 and 18:

Are you a parent of an incoming Iowa BIG student for 2016-17? Find orientation information in the below document and then click here for a Parent Orientation time!

Download (PDF, 347KB)

Common-Core, NGSS Aligned:

Iowa BIG is a comprehensive environment that aligns its community curriculum to the Iowa CORE, Common Core, and Next Generation Science Standards . Our student’s transcripts contain core-content SKED coded courses validated from bundles of standards-indexed competencies. The CRCSD Program of Studies includes 13 Iowa BIG courses.You will see the NCAA logo next to any BIG course that is NCAA approved.

Please view available classes in the following document:

Download (PDF, 274KB)

Competency-Based Leader:

We are a full competency-based environment. Our students are tracked standard-by-standard to ensure the highest level of mastery. As students explore the possibilities of their projects, highly qualified staff record experiences and products using proprietary software to ensure adequate progress.

Immersive Project Based Pedagogy:

Iowa BIG is a leader in progressive project-based pedagogical design. Our students co-design and democratically cull each and every project that Iowa BIG supports.

 Iowa BIG Students are Experienced Leaders:

In addition to the rigorous content indexed by the major standards batteries and SKED coded for easy college admissions comparisons, our students gain the experience of leading their own brand and initiative with a direct connection to a business, nonprofit, or government agencies.