Students are inspired at Education Reimagined Conference


The month of November has brought opportunity for multiple Iowa BIG students to travel to Washington D.C. First, Jamie Milota shared her expertise in physics with President Obama’s science advisory council, then Jemar and Hannah got the opportunity to go to a conference based around innovation in education. A week later, Jemar is back in D.C. with the same group of people working on a project to be executed in the future.

Recently, I had a chance to speak with Hannah Bertram about her trip to Washington D.C. to the Spark House Education Reimagined Conference in Washington D.C. during the week of November 3rd. Spark House is a group of professionals partnered with Microsoft whose goal is to create an educational movement based on innovation in education. Talking with Hannah I could really feel her excitement knowing that she, along with everyone at BIG, is trying to change the way education is viewed, talked about and executed.

“We are all in this educational movement and we didn’t really realize it.”

That is what the whole conference was about. It was centered on the idea of being a leader and learning about what type of leader each student could transform into. The speakers at the conference also highlighted how learning is such a universal and general term that can be used in any situation at any time. Hannah and Jemar met some incredible, lifelong friends who shared the same views and passions as she did.


“I think a lot of BIG kids understand too that like, traditional school just isn’t really working very well and it’s not designed for this day in age so it was cool to be with people who also understood that.”

Hannah shared with me how much she truly benefited from this experience and wishes everyone could realize just how much of a positive impact this change could bring to traditional education. She’s seen the change happen, as well as all of us at BIG and that is specifically what Spark House Education Reimagined is aiming to accomplish.img_20161106_102848

Jemar is visiting Washington D.C. again this week to work with Spark House to potentially help organize a larger, nationwide conference based on learning centered education.