The Hackable Mindset

Breaking learners out of the seat-time, industrial model of high school education is synonymous with trying to break students out of a decade of behavior attributed to industrial purposes decades and decades ago. We introduce concepts to students, which they have rarely experienced in school. We give them choice, voice, freedom from time and space restrictions, and let them hack on problems or projects that interest them. ┬áIt’s a taste of how students can follow their passions and meet their standards at the same time.

The below video illustrates one of our Hackathons. The hackable mindset is exactly what employers want from thoughtful, forward-thinking employees. The hackable mindset is necessary for people who must navigate a future where today’s jobs will morph, and decision-making takes precedence over learned behaviors. The hackable mindset is one where community problems and opportunities are conquered for the good of all.

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Troy Miller is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Iowa BIG. Follow him @troykmiller