Girls Who Code

My dad is a software engineer. He’s programmed our house to turn lights on and off automatically (some are even voice automated). When we have family stay over, they always joke that my dad is making bombs because of the mess of wires and resistors cluttering his work space. His monitor almost always has a Read more about Girls Who Code[…]

10 Education Trends Over the Next 10 Years

Textbooks and static curriculum will die a slow, wheezy death. Teachers will crowdsource local curriculum for their students, offering individualized learning experiences where students follow their passions while meeting the same standards being met today. Districts will more deeply engage their communities as the correlation between strong regional Economic Development and Education increases. A national Read more about 10 Education Trends Over the Next 10 Years[…]

BIG Glimpse: Our Workshop

At IowaBIG, students are very fortunate to have a workspace where we can use our imagination and take our ideas and turn them into a reality. From creating our own fashion line to building an aqua-drone, this is where the real magic happens. [foogallery id=”1187″]