White House Recognizes Need to Transition to PBL

Blog by Troy Miller, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Iowa BIG. The prevailing method of delivering academic learning experiences to high school students (industrial content delivery of pre-determined content to passive receivers) is becoming increasingly irrelevant in the eyes of many, now including the White House. FosterEDU documents Top 5 Takeaways from the White House Next Generation Read more about White House Recognizes Need to Transition to PBL[…]

Accepting “Failure” and Celebrating Success

Post by Iowa BIG senior, London VanHorbeck. Photo by Iowa BIG junior, Riley Rinkenberger. On Friday the 23rd, the Philanthropic Physics project from BIG hosted a charity competition, involving cannons and some potatoes, where all proceeds went to the Boys and Girls Club. This came from 6 weeks of making rules, getting sponsors and making Read more about Accepting “Failure” and Celebrating Success[…]